NEC Display Solutions M46-AVT LCD Display

Designer piece, entertainer and sales professional Multeos reflects a new age in visual communication. Refined yet extroverted, it attracts peoples attention and adapts seamlessly to even the most sophisticated architectural setups. A bright centerpiece for high-end home entertainment systems. A strong presence for brands in flagship stores and designer shops. A fashionable focus point in trendy bars, restaurants, hotel lobbies and fitness studios. An image carrier in business conference rooms and control centers. Multeos fascinates in all kinds on environments as a stand-alone solution on an elegant aluminium stand,mounted or in multi-display installations. Includes tuner.

- Full 1080p HD resolution
- Open architecture expansion slot
- Interchangeable black or silver bezel
- Digital video interface with HDCP
- Thermostatic cooling protection for long life
- Simple on-screen menu navigation
- SpectraView II Color Calibration Solution
- GammaComp MD DICOM and programmable lookup table
- Adjustable color temperature (2600-10,000K)
- CableComp long cable compensation
- Available HD tuner, speakers and wall mount

Call for Price: 800-282-6733

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