Mini PC Platform of the Future

VIA has redefined the platform in 2008 to create a new standard for optimized performance and freedom of choice in small form factor desktop PCs.

Today's Mini-ITX mainboards have come a long way in seven years, with faster processor speeds yet more power efficient platforms than ever, richer digital media feature integration, and greater connectivity and storage options. VIA boards now feature PCI Express, DDR2, SATA II, multi-channel HD audio and much more, and VIA is continually investing resources in developing ways to integrate ever greater functionality into small footprint platforms.

Mini-ITX is the ideal platform for next generation mini PCs due to its advanced performance, high levels of feature integration, and easy expandability, coupled with the broad infrastructure of cases and accessories that has been built up around the form factor. Read More...

[Via Technologies]
Picture Credit: Engadget

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