Nikon CoolPix S550 Black 10.0 MP Digital Camera Review


Big & clear LCD on back. Image quality is great! Easy to use point & click features and tons of advanced features. Macro Mode shots look amazing. Sturdy construction and easy to use. User-friendly - featherweight compactness - over 100 pix on the battery and still ""going,going..."" The digital imaging stability feature is awsome and definitely enhances photo quality - a feature. The 4x zoom and macro mode is most impressive. Truly a great value for the first-time digital user and the serious photographer.


The images came out very grainy under any lighting condition unless you put the iso setting to 64(the lowest it will go). The camera is unable to auto focus in low light scenes, and by low light i mean a 60w lamp in a living room at night. The 3rd is the fact that even though the video taken with the camera is nice, when you go to watch it the microphone picked all the clicking and whirring of the focusing motor. The menu system is kind of clunky and irritating to use.

Other Thoughts:

This is a great camera. Compact, light, and takes great pictures even for someone with little camera and photography experience. Dig deeper into the advanced features and this camera shines even brighter. The Camera is available on Newegg @ a price of 198.99 US dollars.

[Via Newegg]

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