Nutouch 7 inches Touch Frame

The NuTouch 7" Premium Digital Touch Photo Frame (snappy title) combines beautiful aesthetics with the best technology features to be found in the market today. Not only is this DPF (we just made that acronym up, but it sounds like it might catch on) extremely high quality - there are a lot of shoddy ones about - it also looks pretty darn beautiful, and we love the touch-on blue light controls.

It has true aspect ratio which ensures it keeps your image the same size as a paper photograph without any stretching and weird looking heads, and the top quality resolution ensures every detail in the photo is crisp and bright. You control it with the sexy blue LED touch sensor array we mentioned earlier that's built into the piano black frame - touch the frame and the buttons appear. The built-in battery lets you run the digital frame for a couple of hours without being plugged in - so you can show your latest pics off at your next dinner party without trailing wires around. Read the rest of this entry...

[Via I Want One Of Those]
Picture Credit: GeekAlerts

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