Sony Alpha A300 and A350 Review

Sony released two new DSLR cameras: the Alpha A300 and Alpha A350. They really only differ in pixel count. The A300 has a 10.2MP sensor, while the A350 has a 14.2MP sensor. The only other notable diffference is that the A300 (with the lower pixel count) has a slightly faster continuous drive speed - 3 fps vs. 2 fps for the A350.

These cameras contain two features, which are new on DSLRs. First: a tilt out LCD screen, so you can now view the screen with the camera over your head or down at your feet. Second: both cameras have an additional dedicated digital sensor, which can be illuminated via the pentamirror and is devoted to producing a Live View image. This means that the reflex mirror does not have to be moved up and the camera shutter does not have to be open in order for the LCD to be able to disply the Live View image. It seems that for the first time Live View will be as easy to use on a DSLR as it is on a P&S digicam. The tilt out LCD will help, making it easier to view the LCD when the camera isn't directly in front of the user.

Sony's plan to aggressively attack the entry-level DSLR market with a raft of new SLRs is no big secret. We've had a chance to get our hands on the new Alpha 350 and the recent Alpha 200. Here are our first impressions of this tight-knit family, including Sony's interesting take on solving the problem of extended exposure cycle time with live view. They both offer Sony’s new “Quick AF Live View” technology so you can frame photos on the camera’s LCD without sacrificing auto-focusing speed common to other live-view systems. Sony’s innovative Pentamirror Tilt mechanism directs light to a dedicated live view image sensor, enabling fast and responsive TTL phase-detection auto-focusing, even during live view.

The new DSLR-A300 and DSLR-A350 cameras are compatible with a range of accessories, including the ergonomic Sony VG-B30AM vertical grip. Also available as an option is the new Sony HVL-F42AM flash unit. It offers advanced features such as automatic white balance adjustment with color temperature information, adjustable bounce angles, ADI metering and wireless remote operation to suit the needs of most photographers.

[Via Tech Blitz]

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