PTI to announced H.264 hybrid PDVR-16500

PTI (Power Telecomm, Inc.) Digital Security Solutions announced PDVR-16500 the most powerful standalone 16-channel hybrid DVR that supports up to 32 channels (16 analog cameras and 16 IP cameras) in full D1@30fps realtime live, recording and playback. Utilizing the most advanced H.264 hardware compression technology

PDVR-16500 packed with optimized video streaming across multiple devices, powerful network monitoring, SATA support and flexible integration capabilities, manage up to 99 different PDVR-16500 and displays 64 video channels on one monitor screen.

PDVR-16500 supports up to two SATA internal HDDs with 3TB data storage capacity, and one external HDD array for storage expansion. It has built in 2 USB 2.0 interfaces and one DVD writer for backup.

[Via Miso Kim / Aving.Net]

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