Avielo two new projectors 'avielo kroma' and 'avielo helios' at CEDIA EXPO

Avielo by projection design announced it will feature its two new projectors 'avielo kroma' and 'avielo helios' at CEDIA EXPO.

'Avielo kroma', the first home-theater projector to use projectiondesign's RealLED technology - based on solid-state LED illumination.

The RealLED light source provides a wider and more consistent colour gamut, with colour rendition richer than any competing illumination technology. RealLED illumination stays consistent during its entire lifetime - typically in excess of 100,000 hours - ensuring that customers enjoy a long product life that is virtually maintenance-free.

The avielo helios, the 3-chip DLP flagship of the avielo range, which is capable of delivering stunning colours, brightness, and contrast to screens up to 300 inches wide. Filled to the brim with technological advances such as RealColor advanced color management and projectiondesign's own proprietary built-in Advanced Color Optical Processing technology (ACOP), which enables REC709 and P3/DCI-compliant colour space accuracy.

[Via Miso Kim/Aving.net]

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