Bluetooth Audio Receiver E-blue A2DP

Play your iPhone 3G S/3G/iPod touch via remote control using E-blue A2DP Bluetooth Audio Receiver. Simply connect the receiver to your sound system and you are all set. Enjoy the music whether you are in the bathroom, kitchen or in the living room with full control.

Features :

- Wireless music station
- Audio Data Transfer up to 12,000 Byte/s
- Near CD Quality Streaming Stereo "A2DP-16BIT"
- Ultra Lower Latency
- Auto Sense and Connect
- Choice of Best-in-Class Stereo Codes
- Connect with Any "Bluetooth" 2.0 Audio Device with A2DP - iPhone 3G
- Bluetooth 2.0 ("Bluetooth" 2.0 is require for paining device AVRCP)
- MAX Distance: 10 meters
- Frequency: 2.4GHz
- Dimension: 53 x 13 x 55mm (approx.)
- Weight: 21g

'E-blue A2DP' is available from Brando website @ a price of US$ 45.00

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