Plush Turtle Nightlight

Twilight Turtle transmit a starry night sky on the ceiling or walls of any room with three soothing color to choose - blue, green, and amber to create magical, tranquil environments that will help children of all ages into a restful sleep.


A plush turtle nightlight with a hard, light-up shell. The shell has eight star constellations carved into it, so when you switch on the turtle's night light, stars will be projected on your child's wall. The light will automatically switch off after 45 minutes but you can easily switch it back on by re-pressing the "on" button.

The Turtle projects the following constellations:

- Orion (famous for Orion's Belt).
- Draco, The Dragon.
- Ursa Minor, The little Dipper (contains Polaris, the North Pole Star).
- Canis Major, The Greater Dog.
- Cepheus.
- Pegasus, The Winged Horse.
- A crescent moon (not really a constellation, but seeing as it is part of the night sky we'll let them off).

Available from IWOOT - Approx USD $49.4

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