Bluetooth stereo headset 'MobiFren'

Here is a Bluetooth Stereo Headset that support MP3 player and equipped with Micro SD card slot where it can be used a storage device of up to 16GB.

The Bluetooth stereo headset 'MobiFren' was recently introduced by GT telecom in korea having a model name 'GBH-S300' that cost around 84,000(KRW)

Source: www.mobifren.com
[Via Aving.Net]

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Multibrand said...

Interesting gadget.
Thanks for the info.

marvin said...

guess what? the next generation mp3 player gonna be a size of hearing aid. Guess only!

GeeKs2laS said...

@Multibrand, more gadgets will come to this site. Thanks for the support.

@Marvin, Count me in with your prediction...

review said...

just reading

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