Tiny RC PHANTOM Steel Helicopter

Let your kids have fun with this Tiny Rechargeable Remote Control Phanthom Steel Helicopter. Experience the joy and the ability to maneuver direction using the remote control going forward, backward, left and right turn. No need to go to a large venue, inside your kids room or your sala is enough to play this tiny helicopter.

The Tiny Rechargeable RC PHANTOM Steel Helicopter is available from Brando for only US$41.90

Product Features
  • Tiny Rechargeable RC PHANTOM Steel Helicopter
  • Wireless 3-Channel IR Controller
  • With Flashing Color LEDs in the front of Helicopter
  • Two-way charging for Helicopter: 1. USB Cable 2. Remote Control
  • Super Wide Infrared Transmission Technology Remote Controller
  • Superior Quality Steel Metal Body and Super Light Weight
  • Easy to operate and control even in slow speed fly
  • Accurate and Adjustable Speed
  • Steering/Ascend/Descend/Forward/Backward/Left/Right Turn/LED Light
  • Miniature Design for indoor or Outdoor flying
  • Electronic Gyroscopes System provides Excellent Control and Balance for the Movements of the Helicopter
  • Helicopter Dimension: Length: 183 mm, Height: 95 mm, Width: 35 mm
  • Operated battery for remote control: AA battery x 6 pieces

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marvin said...

are the wings also made of steel? Those in SM mall shelves are made of Styrofoam.

Crockie said...

nice heli for kids. how much it cost? can't find your s/box friend?

GeeKs2laS said...

@ Crockie, The Tiny Rechargeable RC PHANTOM Steel Helicopter is available from Brando website for only US$41.90, check the link from the post.

@ Marvin, This is a real toys - made of steel.

rachmat said...

nice tiny helicopter, how far it can fly? Happy holidays ^_^

Multibrand said...

Hello friend,

Interesting toy to play with. I think even adults would enjoy playing with the tiny chopper.

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