Chatimal - cute toy that repeat your words right back to you

Chatimal is a very interesting toy that will repeat after you say something. I remember the movie chipmunks where Charice Pempengco is a part of it.Very nice gifts for your kids and love ones.

Available from Red5 for only £20.00

- Speak for up to 30 seconds
- Mimics your words with either a hilarious high squeaky voice or low croaky voice
- High-quality plush toy
- Suitable for ages 4+
- Requires 3 x AA batteries

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Bg.ares said...


JENIE=) said...

very cute! i'd like to have one for myself actually haha.

It's been a while friend, thanks for droppin by. Will be posting about BP within the day...abangan mo ;)

lina@happy family said...

It's so cute :)

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