Temperature Sensitive Mug

 A funny gadget that makes you smile a bit while making a cup of coffee that cost only US$16.00. Initially the Temperature Sensitive Mug is in "Off" mode showing the label "Off". When you make a cup of coffee and start pouring hot water the "On" label show up. An interesting drinking gadget.

The On/Off Temperature Sensitive Mug measures 110 X 95 X 78 millimeter and weighs only 270 grams and it is available in Gadget4All website.

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lina@women's perspectives said...

Interesting mug...

JENIE=) said...

cute! i would love to have one of these! As it's raining again, I've been drinking steaming hot cups of coffee again! thank god!

BTW, here to let yu know i have 2 posts pertaining to hypertension ;)would love for u to comment on them.

deasy said...

Mau satu juga dunkz hehe:D keren mug-nya apalagi yg sensitif sama suhu..kan keren bangeet tuch! Sukses sll.. not forget to $mile for u

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