Gateway T-6828 Review

Gateway T-6828 is a notebook with plenty of power for everyday use. The low price, sizable hard drive, reasonably good battery life, and relatively cool temperatures help make the T-6828 a real value. The key chassis elements of this eye-catching design are thick plastics and metal accents. Integrated above the notebook's keyboard is a brushed-metal multimedia control panel, featuring smooth-cut keys in a "tooth" pattern and a touch-sensitive volume adjustment. The Core 2 Duo processor and solid 3GB of RAM mean this Gateway has enough performance to keep the average user quite happy ... as long as you don't care about playing the latest video games.

The Gateway T-6828 is an excellent value in the 14.1" consumer notebook class. That said, for a little bit more money you can find similar notebooks with dedicated graphics cards for reasonable gaming performance and it weighs 5.7 pounds only.


Good performance for everyday use. Solid, stylish construction. Minimal heat and noise. Good battery life with standard battery. Reasonably low price


Around screen is glossy plastics and on palm rests are prone to fingerprints. Poor viewing angles on screen. Paint isn't applied all the way to edge of chassis. Annoying pop-up web camera control panel.

Via PCmag.com

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