MP Digital Camera with 18-55mm Lens

Nikon D40 Kit Black 6.1 MP Digital Camera with 18-55mm Lens is a compact and lightweight high-performance camera that makes it possible for anyone to create stunning images with an SLR. Designed specifically for ease of use, the D40 lets you use the kind of digital and optical technologies that professionals use without the need to deal with complex functions. Whatever you shoot there is an automated Digital Vari Program that lets you achieve fantastic results in any situation. Help menus are easy to navigate and the in-camera retouch menu makes it simple to edit and enhance your images on the large, bright 2.5-inch LCD monitor. Perfect for people who want an affordable camera to explore what it is that makes SLR photography stand out, the D40 is so user-friendly that all you have to do is concentrate on the scene you want to photograph and the camera's advanced Nikon technologies will take care of the rest.

Pros: This is a great camera and a huge step up from point and shoot. If you think your point and shoot pics are good and want to move to the next level but don't want to spend over $1K, this is a great camera to start with. Big plus is its light weight and smaller size than some of the pro DSLR's. Thus it's not bulky. It takes great pics, especially landscape, and as one reviewer said, I still don't use all the features available. Slowly I've started using aperture preferred, etc. but in the beginning the auto everything was perfect for me until I started to get daring to try new things.

Cons: The macro is not as good as my Casio P&S, but you're supposed to use a real macro lens. Nikon macro lenses cost about $300, so that's a future purchase. A camera case would be nice, and an extra battery if you have the spare cash. The battery lasts a long time, but if you take a lot of flash pics, it wears it down. I shoot 200 - 400 pics per outing so I have to recharge the next day (takes 90 minutes for a full recharge).

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