Control Your TV using the "WAND"

I remember the movie Harry Potter where they use Wand to swipe away evil spirit. Now it comes to technology where it will control your TV. In case of the TV remote control you will use the wand as the remote control of your TV to adjust the brightness, contrast, volume, channel and more... It takes some practice to do it and you can read the manual for full functionality.

The Wand TV remote control is available from IWOOT for only £49.99


•The Wand Remote Control allows you to control remote devices with a swish.
• Most devices that use a remote control can be manipulated with the wand - TVs, Hi-Fis etc.
• Can control multiple devices, not limited to one.
• 13 commands in total can be learned by the Wand.
• Programme the wand by putting it in learning mode, performing an action and pressing the corresponding key on the remote control.
• Learns via infrared codes from remote control.
• Comes packaged in its own beautifully decorated case.
• Please note: instructions for the wand are only available in English.

Full range of actions:-

• Rotate clockwise.
• Rotate anticlockwise.
• Flick upwards.
• Flick downwards.
• Flick left.
• Flick right.
• Tap on top.
• Tap on side.
• Double tap on top.
• Double tap on side.
• Push forward.
• Pull back.
• Big swish.
• Suitable for ages 8 years +, or anyone old enough to enrol at Hogwarts.

[Via IwantOneofThose]

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