Meccano Spykee Robot

Remember the movie short circuit? That's the one that pops-up in my mind when I saw this Meccano Spykee mobile tracked robot. The only difference is that "Spykee" is a motion activated video surveillance robot and can be an internet phone, webcam, MP3 Player and a wi-fi compliant communication gadget.

The Meccano Spykee Robot measures 30 X 30 X 30 cm and weighs 2.5 kilo grams that cost you only £199.99 from Gadget Shop website. Good for Christmas gifts for your kids and love ones.


■ 200 different parts and tools
■ Advanced video surveillance technology
■ Advanced light and sound effects
■ Built-in MP3 player
■ Built-in VOIP telephony
■ Fully programmable
■ Automatic return-to-base homing

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lina@happy family said...

Wow, it's an amazing gadget!!

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