Crossbow easy to aim and fire

Crossbow was designed to be easy to aim and fire unlike the Crossbow used by "Robin Hood" in the "Prince of Thieves"

"How to use the Crossbow"

Place a plastic sucker dart in the Crossbow, draw the firing mechanism back steadily. Aim the Crossbow at your target and, when your hand is steady, fire by gently squeezing the trigger. Even after a couple of tries you will be producing shots with the deadly accuracy of a true professional.


■ Includes three plastic sucker darts
■ Also comes with two 18 cm targets for honing and perfecting your skills.


■ Dimensions: Height: 10.0cm Width: 30.0cm Depth: 56.0cm
■ Weight: 1.5Kg
[Via Gadget Shop]

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i will buy one for my kids this coming christmas...Nice site!

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