Xenics 'Vibeholic' portable vibration speaker system

This coming Dec 21 in Korea Xenicse expects to launch its new concept of portable vibration speaker system 'Vibeholic'

Through vibration principle, objects such as a paper box, a piece of wood, a postcard, or an umbrella can turn into portable speakers with Vibholic's mini module.

When users stick it anywhere, then the Vibeholic takes music from your devices and generates it into vibration sequences. Also this unique new speaker is on patent pending.

Source: Aving.Net

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lina@happy family said...

What an amazing speaker... Vibration principle? it's a new thing for me!


magnifiko portable speaker!

GeeKs2laS said...

@Lina Happy Family @Anonymous...Thanks for the comments...Check some of my Post...

heru said...

nice info sobat thanks ya

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